Tulips painting

Pamela Rose Welton

pan hair

Lady, Woman, Wife, Mother, Lover, Companion
Extraordinaire - We Miss You Dearly

Thank you for our two lovelies - Angela & Monica


pam wedding dress

Pam Welton collage

Kent and Pamela's wedding

We'll Always Be Together


Pam’s poem – March, 2014

Where Do I Park the Pain

Don’t think
Don’t speak
When its bad
All I want to do is die
(or is it to feel alive)
When its gone
All I want to do is play
But I can't play
My mobility is gone, pain saw to that
I play in my mind
My past was beautiful
Fishing trips, climbing mountains,
Floating in streams,
Loving all that came to me
I am working on the now part…
Maybe this time

Can you find yourself time
To leave him alone
Find your own time
To live alone

He is with you
You are with the unknown

Together there is beauty
In trust and love
May my pain not become
A place of darkness but
A place of light
I love you

In my life
You son of a gun
I have always known
You were the one
Armed and ready
With laughter and love
By my side when I needed you
You came to me and let me be

Pam in doorway

Bon Voyage, My Love

Kent Welton